Insurance Claim Denial

Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha Disability Insurance Attorney

For most insurance policyholders, nothing is more disheartening than learning that their claim has been denied following a catastrophic accident or event. An insurance policy is essentially a contractual agreement. The policyholder agrees to pay monthly premiums in the event that something unexpected would happen to his or her home, car or health. In return, the insurance company agrees to compensate the policyholder if the unexpected event becomes a reality.

While some claim denials may be valid, a lot of them prove to be baseless and unfair. If you have received a notice of denial from your insurance company, you should consult the services of an experienced insurance lawyer to determine if you have legal recourse regarding your denied claim. At the Kmiec Law Offices, SC, we've represented policyholders across Greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin, since 1979. Contact us to discuss your options.

Advocating on Behalf of Your Rights

Our lawyers have extensive experience representing policyholders who are involved in disputes with their insurance companies in a wide range of areas. We handle claims involving:

  • Disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Workers' compensation insurance

When your insurance company denies your claim without a reasonable basis, you have the right to fight back. We will help you pursue your rights and obtain the benefits you deserve.

Private Life Insurance Claims

Life insurance is a safeguard for the family of the insured should he or she die prematurely. A life insurance policy's beneficiaries often use proceeds to pay for important things like the mortgage, funeral balance or even college tuition. However, insurance companies often deny claims or delay payment, claiming that the insured's death was due to a pre-existing condition, or an intentional act. If you believe that your loved one's claimed was denied unfairly, contact us to speak with one of our attorneys.

At the Kmiec Law Offices, SC, we help policyholders and their families fight back against their insurance company's bad faith service. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our Milwaukee insurance claim denial attorneys, please call 800-578-8674 or contact us online.