Insurance Disputes

Bad Faith Insurance Claim Lawyer in the Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha

The lawyers at the Kmiec Law Offices have many years experience with the presentation of injury claims of all kinds to insurance companies. We represent clients on a wide range of insurance disputes, ranging from denial of claims under auto or health policies to cancellation of coverage on the basis of mistakes or false information in the application. For specific information about your rights and options in a dispute with your insurance company, contact an attorney at our Milwaukee law firm.

Our insurance dispute resolution lawyers can help you with problems such as the following:

  • Proof of claim or losses in a fire, windstorm, or other loss typically covered under a homeowner's policy
  • Problems with health insurance coverage due to lack of prior approval for treatment or a misrepresented preexisting condition
  • Theft losses denied for inadequate or missing receipts, invoice or other proof of ownership
  • Fire claims may be denied because of vacancy, negligent repairs or construction or inability to prove property losses or claims
  • A Tornado or Wind damage claim may be denied because of a long list of exclusions in an insurance policy
  • Denials of claims under auto insurance policies
  • Problems with boat insurance due to differing coverage for inland lakes as opposed to the Great Lakes
  • Charges by the insurer of fraud, misrepresentation, or material misstatements in an application for insurance or in presentation of a claim
  • Bad faith insurance claims relating to the insurer's denial of coverage, defense, or indemnification

It's not uncommon for an insurer to offer a low settlement on a claim, or deny coverage on the basis of a condition, exclusion, or even a problem with the application. We can evaluate your bad faith insurance claim in cases where the insurance company's denial of coverage or defense appears to be a tactical decision on its part rather than a legitimate exercise of its discretion under the policy.

Contact a Wisconsin insurance dispute lawyer at the Kmiec Law Offices in Milwaukee for further information about our ability to resolve problems with your homeowner's, automobile, or health insurance coverage, disability or life insurance.