Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

Animal Attack Lawsuit in Waukesha and Greater Milwaukee

The attorneys at the Kmiec Law Offices in Milwaukee apply their understanding of the Wisconsin statutes relating to animal attacks and the negligent supervision of pets and livestock for the benefit of clients who have been seriously injured by dog bites and accidents caused by loose animals. If you or someone in your family has been injured by a dangerous dog, contact the dog bite lawsuit attorneys at our personal injury law firm.

Unlike some other states, Wisconsin does not provide the owner of a pet one free bite. Not only can the owner be held liable for the injuries resulting from an animal's first attack, but double damages can be awarded for second or subsequent attacks. This applies not only to personal injuries resulting from dog bites, but to any damage caused by animals, such as destruction of property.

We also represent the victims of car or motorcycle accidents caused by dogs or cats darting into traffic or by cattle straying onto the highway in rural areas. Pet and livestock owners are responsible for the consequences of any failure to restrain their animals. Our attorneys have the litigation experience and understanding of negligence law necessary to establish the defendant's liability, prove the full extent of your injuries and property damage, and present your strongest case in discussions with the defendant's insurer. If settlement negotiations don't yield a favorable result, we're always ready to take your case to a civil trial jury.

Dog bite accidents can cause very serious injuries, especially when small children are involved. Long lasting or permanent injury to soft tissue, scarring, or disfigurement can frequently result. Our intensive work with treating physicians and medical experts will ensure that the physical injuries are properly documented. In some cases, psychological damage will need to be taken into account as well.

As we work on a contingency fee, there is no attorney fee unless you make a recovery. For further information about our ability to represent your interests effectively in a lawsuit involving negligent supervision of animals, contact the dog bite injury lawyers at the Kmiec Law Offices for a free consultation about your rights to compensation.