The following are answers to the most frequently asked questions by clients of The Kmiec Law Office.

Q. Will my case be settled?

A. The vast majority of cases are settled before trial. Many cases can be settled prior to starting a lawsuit. You will be informed of all settlement offers. An offer will never be accepted without your approval.


Q. Will I be watched or photographed by an insurance company?

A. Insurance companies do not use surveillance for most cases. However, it is utilized from time to time, most frequently in worker compensation litigation. If you are honest about your injuries there is no need to be concerned about surveillance.


Q. Should I be concerned about the other side finding out information that I tell my attorney?

A. Absolutely not. The information that you tell your attorney can only be disclosed if it could prevent the endangerment of a life, or prevent serious crime.


Q. Should I keep a diary?

A. Yes, it is a good idea to keep a diary which can be used to refresh your memory. You do not need to write in it every day, but you should include important information regarding your injuries. Start with a detailed description of the accident, as well as any statements exchanged at the time of the accident. Also, include dates and description of the inability or difficulties you have with activities of living, work and enjoyment of life.