Truck Accidents

Wisconsin Semi Tractor-Trailer Wreck Injury Attorneys

The injuries sustained in semi-truck accidents are usually severe. Due to the increased risk of severe injuries catastrophic losses, and fatalities, semi-truck drivers have increased responsibilities and obligations.

At the Kmiec Law Offices, we have experience with representing the seriously injured or the survivors of fatal accidents. We also have knowledge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and the ability to make a prompt and thorough investigation of the facts of the accident. This gives our truck accident clients the advantage they need to recover the serious losses typical of collisions involving heavy commercial vehicles.

For a free consultation about our ability to represent you in a semi-truck accident case, contact our Milwaukee truck accident attorneys in Milwaukee.

Accidents With Tractor-trailers -- Semis -- Flatbeds

Breakdowns in vehicle maintenance or inspections, driver training, limitations on hours of operation, truck driver negligence and other factors can affect highway safety and the defendant's liability to you.

We closely monitor your physical condition and recovery in order to ensure that every component of your damages is included in your demand. Semi truck-trailer wreck injuries can involve catastrophic damage to your head or back, fractures, burns, or soft tissue injuries. At the Kmiec Law Offices we will assist you with obtaining the appropriate care and treatment, documenting your losses and securing a maximum recovery for your injuries and losses. As we will handle all the insurance and legal issues, you can concentrate on your recovery, treatment and/or grieving.

If you were injured by a heavy truck or construction vehicle while you were at work or driving your own delivery route our extensive experience with workers' compensation claims will assure you that all issues are properly handled.

Wisconsin Truck Accident Law Firm

Our Milwaukee truck accident attorneys will represent you in claims involving all kinds of commercial vehicles ranging from delivery vans to semi tractor-trailer accidents.

When we're retained by a truck accident victim, we go right to work with the technical experts who can determine the cause of your semi-truck accident and the fault of the defendants involved. Our traffic and engineering experts can analyze the special dynamics of accidents that involve such vehicles as:

  • Construction vans and box trucks
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Tanker trucks
  • Construction vehicles
  • Hazardous materials haulers
  • Trucks carrying oversize or overweight loads

As we work on a contingency fee, there is no attorney fee unless you make a recovery. For additional information about our ability to represent you in a truck accident case, contact our Wisconsin semi tractor-trailer wreck injury lawyers at the Kmiec Law Offices in Milwaukee.