Head and Brain Injury

Brain Injury Lawyers

If you or anyone in your family has suffered a serious head injury in a car or motorcycle accident, a snowmobile collision, or an accident at work, please contact the personal injury lawyers at the Kmiec Law Office in Milwaukee. Our ability to document all aspects of your injury and losses can provide a major advantage to you both in presenting your claims for compensation to an insurance company and when necessary, making your strongest possible case before a jury.

Our more than 70 years of combined experience with the investigation and proof of damages in severe personal injury cases can provide a significant advantage to our clients in the litigation of traumatic brain injury and closed head injury cases. No one can imagine the devastation of a traumatic brain injury in an infant, a child, a teenager or adult. Such injuries include complete and udder brain failure, loss of consciousness, cognitive disabilities, memory loss, blurred vision and scheduling or problem solving issues. Traumatic brain injury is defined as damage to the brain resulting from external mechanical forces, such as rapid acceleration or deceleration, impact, blast, waves, or penetration by external forces. Frequently the Glasgow Coma Scale is used to determine severity.  Especially in head injury cases that do not present obvious symptoms of gross damage to the brain, we are careful to evaluate any settlement offer in light not only of your present condition, but how it might change over time.

Blunt force or concussive head injuries can often result in memory loss, personality or mood disorders, or even seizures that become apparent weeks or months after a motor vehicle accident or severe fall. By working closely with you and your treating physicians, our experience with serious head injury cases can help you avoid the risk of an inadequate settlement, or the omission of important components of your damages at trial.

In serious head injuries involving immediate loss of cognitive function or hemorrhage, our Wisconsin accident compensation lawyers will concentrate on the costs and burdens of future treatment, rehabilitation therapy, and home care in order to ensure that the full range of your damages are presented for compensation.

We also represent the surviving families of accident victims whose head or brain injuries prove fatal. Our Wisconsin wrongful death attorneys have extensive experience with the proof of claims involving the victim's conscious suffering as well as the devastation, experienced with the loss of a child, spouse, or parent.

As we work on a contingency fee, there is no attorney fee unless you make a recovery. For further information about our ability to provide attentive and thorough client service in the most serious accident cases, contact a Milwaukee head injury lawyer at the Kmiec Law Office.