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If you have suffered serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident of any kind, or if someone in your family was the victim of a fatal auto accident, contact the Milwaukee accident attorneys at the Kmiec Law Offices.

Our experience and past success allows us to commit very substantial legal and investigative resources from the earliest stages of a motorcycle or car crash claim, so as to maximize the value of your eventual compensation. We handle Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents of all kinds, including:

  • Auto accidents, rear-end collisions, head-on crashes and side impact accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Collisions involving SUVs and pickup trucks
  • Truck and commercial vehicle accidents, from taxis and buses to semi tractor trailers
  • Accidents involving pedestrians or bicycle riders
  • Single vehicle auto accidents caused by defective tires or brakes
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist traffic accident claims (UM/UIM)

We concentrate on serious or fatal injury cases where the challenge lies in making sure that you receive the compensation necessary to support a full physical recovery, as comfortable transition as possible to life with a permanent spinal injury or brain damage, or adjustment to the loss of a parent, spouse, or child.

Our familiarity with the proof of liability and damages in the toughest auto accident cases helps you recover the full value of your claim under the facts and law. We engage traffic safety engineers, accident reconstruction experts, and forensic product design experts in order to establish the accountability of all possible defendants in your case.

We also work closely with your treating physicians, rehabilitation therapists, and leading medical experts to identify with the greatest accuracy possible the full extent of your injuries and what it will take to support your recovery for however long it takes. Our Milwaukee car wreck lawyers accept cases involving soft tissue injuries to the back, knees, shoulders (rotator cuff tears) and hips. Fracture or dislocation may require surgery or extensive medical treatment or physical therapy, but soft tissue injuries can also be extremely disabling.

For further information about our ability to represent your interests effectively in a Wisconsin auto accident claim, contact the traffic accident compensation lawyers at the Kmiec Law Offices in Milwaukee.