Premises Liability

Wisconsin Premises Liability - Slip and Fall - Job Sites

If you or anyone in your family has been injured in a store, apartment complex or other public area, by unsafe property conditions, including construction sites, contact the Milwaukee premises liability attorneys at the Kmiec Law Offices for a free consultation. Serious injuries can occur from falls on uneven or raised walkways, defects on stairs or staircases, wet floors or icy conditions, where snow or ice is not properly cleared.

Property owners are responsible for keeping their premises reasonably safe for commercial patrons, workers, or invited guests. Our slip and fall lawyers know how to investigate premises liability cases, identify the relevant insurance coverage, and present your claim for compensation completely and persuasively.

Our early investigation in personal injury claims can make a substantial difference in slip and fall cases. Our on-site examination and documentation of dangerous property conditions and building defects will avoid the situation where repairs after the fact can obliterate critical evidence that can be essential to prove your claim.

Premises liability claims cover many accidents besides the classic slip and fall claims. Examples of the unsafe property cases we handle include:

  • Injuries caused by structurally unsound building elements, such as stairways, handrails, balconies, or heavy signs
  • Construction site injuries, where Wisconsin's Safe-Place Law makes the general contractor or property owner liable for injuries suffered by workers due to dangerous working conditions
  • Safe place violations
  • Swimming pool accidents, including drowning or diving injuries resulting in quadriplegia

An essential feature of our representation in all personal injury cases is our careful development and proof of the damages component of your claim. It does little good to prove a defendant's liability if you can't document your injuries and losses. Our experience with the presentation of evidence that overlooks no component of your loss is another advantage to our premises liability clients.

As we work on a contingency fee, there is no attorney fee without a recovery.

For a free consultation about your alternatives and our approach to the proof of your unsafe property claim, contact the Wisconsin premises liability attorneys at the Kmiec Law Offices.