Product Liability

Defective Product Injury Lawyers

The injury compensation lawyers at the Kmiec Law Offices in Milwaukee have extensive experience with the investigation and litigation of accident claims relating to product defects, whether caused by problems with the design, manufacture, or repair of the product involved. For a free consultation about your claim, contact the Wisconsin product liability lawyers at our firm.

We work with industrial and design engineers to identify the precise nature of the defects that resulted in your injury. In some cases, the problem is not with the product itself but with a lack of warning, poor instructions, or failure on the manufacturer's part to anticipate a reasonable but dangerous use for the device. We also make a thorough investigation of the product's prior history, to see whether internal warnings of particular hazards were ignored, or whether any product recalls or consumer warnings might have been in place.

Our Wisconsin product liability attorneys handle defective product injury cases involving the following:

  • Automotive products such as brakes, air bags, seat belts, or tires
  • Household and consumer appliances
  • Industrial equipment and tools such as table saws, conveyor lines or punch presses
  • Recreational equipment and sporting goods
  • Prescription drugs and pharmaceuticals, including vaccines
  • Medical devices such as implants, stents, pacemakers, and prostheses
  • Unsafe food at restaurants, fast food outlets, or purchased from a retailer

Consumers are seldom in a position to protect themselves from the dangerous or even disastrous consequences of unsafe products. Our experience with products liability claims of all kinds can give you a significant advantage in achieving the compensation you need to recover from injuries caused by unsafe and dangerous products. Contact the Milwaukee product liability attorneys at the Kmiec Law Offices for a free consultation about your legal options.