Rear-end Collision

Wisconsin Whiplash Injury Attorney

Rear-end accidents are the most common type of vehicle collision, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). To maximize your recovery, it is important for you to know whether to have your health insurance pay your bills, to determine the amount of insurance coverage available for your injuries, how to best document your injuries and preserve evidence. Even if it seems obvious that the person who rear-ended you is at fault, it is important to seek the help of an experienced car collision attorney. We like to get involved early in a case so that we can maximize your recovery.

At the Kmiec Law Offices, we concentrate on serious cases where the challenge is making sure that you receive the compensation necessary to support a full physical, mental and financial recovery. We will thoroughly investigate the facts to build a solid case. We will properly handle the insurance and legal aspects of your case so that you may concentrate on your physical & mental recovery.

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Injured in a Rear-End Collision Car Accident

It is important to see a doctor even if you "only have whiplash". The seriousness of injuries commonly sustained in rear-end collisions, like a whiplash injury, other neck injuries and back injuries, may not become apparent immediately.

Insurance companies will downplay injuries and make unreasonable offers. You need an attorney experienced in investigating rear-end collision accidents and building strong cases that demonstrate the full extent of your injuries. Your personal injury attorneys at Kmiec Law Offices will maximize your recovery.

Milwaukee Car Collision Law Firm

Our attorneys are familiar with liability and damages in rear-end collisions other auto accident and pedestrian accidents cases. Our Milwaukee car wreck lawyers represent those with most serious injuries, as well as soft tissue injuries to the neck and back that commonly occur in rear-end collisions. Soft tissue injuries suffered in rear-end collisions can be the most difficult to prove, but can also be very painful, take a long time to heal and cause significant disability.

We work closely with your treating physicians, rehabilitation therapists, and leading medical experts to identify the full extent of your injuries and the necessary support for your full recovery. Often medical providers will not fully consider the extent of your injuries and may overlook certain conditions which we commonly see in rear-end accidents. We can assist you with your medical provider to be certain all your injuries are diagnosed and treated.

Special circumstances exists when an auto accident occurs on the job. If you were rear-ended while driving for your job, we can handle your workers' compensation claims and help you maximize your recovery while handling the issues involved with such cases.

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